Empowered mainly by volunteer participation since 2009

A California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Tax Exempt Organization



ONGOING — The last 20 days in February

Sunday 2/11: Team meeting including board members, team leaders and core volunteers

Tuesday 2/13: Prep work for upcoming fundraiser event — pre order pizzas, hors d’oeuvre from local vendors. Delivery of 40 care packages to Mustard Seed School

Wednesday 2/14: Snack bags to the homeless on the streets

Thursday 2/15: Delivery of 25 care packages to WIND Youth Center and continuing snack bags to the homeless

Friday 2/16: Preview of event hall and finalize event details at SALAM Community Hall. Prep work for masajid packing team

Saturday 2/17: Youth volunteers pack 230 care packages for need you families at 9:30 a.m.

Sunday 2/18: Fundraiser event at SALAM Community Hall all day

Monday 2/19: Post event work mainly financial tracking and paperwork

Tuesday 2/20 through Wednesday 2/28: Finish distributing snack bags

Monday 2/26 through Wednesday 2/28: Warehouse food inventory and preview of food sales at Smart & Final and Grocery Outlet stores



Thursday 2/1: Hauling 4,000lbs rice, cooking oil, dried beans, canned vegetarian based soups from Smart & Final store on Sunrsie Blvd. Br Anjum and volunteer given the task

Friday 2/2: Hauling 3,000lbs cereals, crackers, assorted dried legumes, pastas, canned tomatoes, canned fruits, fruit cups, etc from Grocery Outlet on Watt Ave. Br Anjum and volunteer given the task

Saturday 2/3: Movie-making/editorial with Folsom high school volunteer

Sunday 2/4: Youth team from Folsom handles warehouse tasks

Monday 2/5: OFF DAY!

Tuesday 2/6: Shopping and hauling more food about 3,000lbs from Grocery Outlet. Br Anjum and volunteer given the task

Wednesday 2/7: Sort and organize food items into food shelves. Br Anjum handles the load

Thursday 2/8: Sr Nowreen and teammates pack snack bags and care packages for homeless on the streets (50); WIND Youth Center (25); Mustard Seed School (40)

Friday 2/9: Hot lunch meals to 40 students at Mustard Seed School by 11:00 a.m. Volunteers from Rancho Cordova will cook and deliver to Mustard Seed School.

Saturday 2/10: Deliver snack bags to homeless on the streets. Br Anjum handles the tasks

SCHEDULED: Distribution of care packages via local masajid

 February 24 Р February 25

10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

1) Masjid Abu Hanif
2) Masjid Al-Azhar
3) Masjid Al-Rahman
4) Masjid Annur
5) Masjid As-Sabur
6) Masjid Ibrahim
7) Masjid Islamic Society of Folsom
8) Muslim Community of Folsom
9) Muslim Youth & Community Center
10) Masjid SALAM
11) Sisterhood Halaqah South Sacramento/Elk Grove
12) COSVIO Islamic Nonprofit
13) R.E.D.A Refugees’ Enrichment & Development Center