Empowered mainly by volunteer participation since 2009

A California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Tax Exempt Organization



Ar-Razzaq Food Bank — Fiscal Year 2018 List Of Beneficiary

(A) Greater Sacramento areas masajid/Islamic associations acting as conduits to deliver monthly free groceries to needy families:

1) Masjid Abu Hanif
2) Masjid Al-Azhar
3) Masjid Al-Rahman
4) Masjid Annur
5) Masjid As-Sabur
6) Masjid Ibrahim
7) Masjid Islamic Society of Folsom
8) Muslim Community of Folsom
9) Muslim Youth & Community Center
10) Masjid SALAM
11) Sisterhood Halaqah South Sacramento/Elk Grove
12) COSVIO Islamic Nonprofit
13) R.E.D.A Refugees’ Enrichment & Development Center

(B) Greater Sacramento areas agencies/nonprofits that assist the homeless community:

1) Loaves & Fishes Center — seasonal bulk food supplies
2) Mustard Seed School — monthly hot lunch & care packages
3) WIND Youth Center – monthly bulk food

(C) Greater Sacramento areas homeless neighbors:

1) Snack bags each month
2) Hot lunch packs seasonally

(D) Good Neighbor Outreach Program — to endow a one-time $1,000.00 grant benefiting a nonprofit that assists Californians facing medical emergency or natural disasters:

1) American Red Cross

(E) On standby status, to be relaunched as conduits should needs arise:

1) Masjid Islamic Society of Placer County
2) Masjid Islamic Society of Rancho Cordova

4) Masjid Jamee Downton V St
3) Masjid Al-Tawheed Elk Grove

January Activities

Second 10 days

  1. January 11: Last shopping trip for this month at Grocery a Outlet store
  2. January 12:  Deliver 25 care packages to Mustard Seed School
  3. Continuing snack bags giveaway to the homeless on the streets
  4. Office tasks by volunteers throughout January