Masajid agents from Greater Sacramento areas have been our conduits for years alhamdulillah. We appreciate their voluntary works to pick up many care packages every month that they distribute to needy families in their neighborhood

Mustard Seed School in Sacramento has been getting hot lunch meals and monthly care packages for its homeless students for a long time. We appreciate their efforts in taking care of the young children.

WIND Youth Services in Oak Park has been added onto our list of recipients in 2016 as we see that they need community support in food assistance. We appreciate their efforts in counseling, training and guiding many homeless and at-risk youths in our area.

Loaves & Fishes Center in Sacramento gets bulk food which include halal meats especially during Ramadhan and seasonal celebrations alhamdulillah.

The fine folks whom we meet along the way all over Greater Sacramento areas; and over the years we have met thousands of them whose homelessness lasts for years. For them, we strive to do better and reach out to them to ease their sufferings.