Care Package Program



We are not set up as a food center or storage place where needy individuals and families can come to collect food for security reasons.

We opted to minimize confusion and eliminate the inundated phone calls requesting for food assistance by re-directing them to local masajid listed as active conduits in Greater Sacramento areas.

We may re-direct callers to other local organizations for assistance, whereby the applicants will be identified or verified for their legitimacy as needy individuals or families.

The local masajid and Islamic non-governmental organizations (NGOs) will keep the list of those who are in need and will update us as they deem necessary.

When we have sufficient inventory of food supply, we contact these masajid and Islamic NGOs as well as homeless centers in the Greater Sacramento area (as trusty agents).

We will provide them with care packages containing assorted zabihah/halal (acceptable in Islam) food products, which will be distributed to the less fortunate, needy and impoverished Muslim families as well as the homeless in their local communities.



Care packages serve as short-term relief to those who frequent Sacramento area masajid in need of food which the masajid or others Islamic NGOs cannot provide.Ar-Razzaq Food Bank sets a quota to each masjid or Islamic NGO, and the number of packages will depend entirely on what is available on our premises and our office will contact agents of the masajid when we have food available.

The masajid will have to decide to whom or when to deliver these packages to the needy among their local community or ummah.Ar-Razzaq Food Bank will decide the numbers of packages going out to different venues, each distribution must be authorized by our office and must be signed by all agents who accept them.

The frequency and the items we give totally depend on our existing food supplies. If we have aplenty, then, the agents may expect frequent monthly drop-off of care packages. If we have a deficit, then, very few packages will be distributed despite the demands from the needy.

Our office policy disallow any walk-ins and for safety reasons we will not accept visitors EXCEPT those with prior approval

Ar-Razzaq Food Bank will arrange for seasonal mass distributions to celebrate Islamic rituals and rites where the amount of food given will depend entirely on the amount of donations we get.



For the random homeless individuals, the contents in a care package may include any of these items:

canned fruits, bread or crackers, peanut butter/jelly, bottled water, cereal, soup


When possible, Ar-Razzaq Food Bank shares its halal provisions to feed the homeless for  luncheon programs at Loaves & Fishes Center as well as Mission Shelter, both are nonprofit soup kitchen that caters exclusively to unsheltered population in downtown Sacramento :

zabihah meats such as chicken leg quarters, breads or rice, dried legumes, assorted canned food


Each month we may give provisions to the homeless students at Mustard Seed School, a nonprofit that provides academic lessons exclusively to them;  also to WIND Youth Services Center, a nonprofit that provides counseling to at-risk homeless youth:

kid-friendly halal lunch meals OR weekend-to-go packages OR school supplies



For special events, marking seasonal Islamic celebrations and rites such as the fasting month of Ramadhan and the two Eids, we may send to Sacramento area masajid and/or Islamic NGOs:

Rice, pasta, pasta sauce, pita bread,  assorted dried legumes,  canned vegetables, canned fruit, peanut butter/jelly, cooking oil, sugar, flour, cereal, dates, zabihah meats


For regular monthly distribution we may send to Sacramento area masajid and/or Islamic NGOs:

Rice, oil, sugar, flour, cereal, assorted dried legumes, cereal, pasta, pasta sauce, zabihah meats (if available)


The beneficiaries who frequent  the masajid/NGOs comprised of many ethnic groups:

  • Africans
  • Afghanis
  • African-Americans
  • Asians
  • Caucasians
  • Eastern Europeans
  • Indo-Pakistanis
  • Latinos
  • Middle Easterners
  • South Asians



Each masjid/NGO selects a volunteer as trusty agent, or a special committee that takes a voluntary role as our contact .

All masajid have set rules in regards to how they qualify or quantify any type of assistance given the applicants. They must  adhere to Sunnah as well as internal policies.

We advise you to provide necessary documentation to these masajid, if asked and if needed, to facilitate the qualifying process.

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