Find Your Masjid

find-urAs stated in the “Care Package Program” section, we give monthly food packages to many local masajid in Greater Sacramento areas. Each masjid authorizes its agent(s) to distribute to the needy in their congregation and those who live within their neighborhoods.

The following masajid are listed as our active conduits and/or as a stand-by participant when the need arises:

Masjid Jamee’ on V St (on standby)

East Sacramento/ Arden Area: 
Masjid Al-Rahman on Hurley Way (active)

Masjid Al-Azhar Institute on Fulton Avenue (active)

Masjid Abu Hanif on Longview Dr (active)

R.E.D.A Refugees Center on Fulton Avenue (active)

C.O.S.V.I.O Organization (active)

North Sacramento: 
Masjid Ibrahim on Rio Linda Blvd (active)

Islamic Society of Folsom (active)
Muslim Community of Folsom (active)

North Highlands/ Citrus Heights/ Rancho Cordova: 
Masjid SALAM on College Oak Dr (active)

Masjid Abu Hanif on Longview Rd (active)
MAS Family Social Services Foundation on Auburn Blvd (on standby)
Islamic Society of Rancho Cordova (on standby)

South Sacramento: 
Masjid Annur on 65th Street (active)
Masjid As-Sabur on 15th Avenue (active)

Sacramento Sisterhood Halaqah (active)

Elk Grove:

Muslim Community & Youth Center on Big Horn Rd (active)
Masjid Tawheed (on standby)

Placer County: 
Masjid Islamic Society of Placer County (on standby)