Things we do….

Empowered mainly by volunteer participation since 2009

A California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Tax Exempt Organization




12/26 & 12/ 27

Anyone in need of free groceries please do visit the sites listed below as each masjid take care of its neighborhood regardless of race, religion, gender. We all take care of the community around us.

1) Masjid Abu Hanif on Longview Drive Sacramento

2) Masjid Al-Azhar on Fulton Avenue Sacramento

3) Masjid Al-Rahman on Hurley Way Sacramento

4) Masjid Annur on 65th Street South Sacramento

5) Masjid As-Sabur on 15th Avenue South Sacramento

6) Masjid Ibrahim on Rio Linda Blvd Del Paso Heights Sacramento

7) Masjid SALAM on College Oak Drive Sacramento

8) COSVIO (this is a nonprofit acting as an umbrella for all Islamic organizations in Sacramento Valley)

9) R.E.D.A Refugees Center on Fulton Avenue Sacramento

10) Sacramento Sisterhood Halaqah (association only)

11) Masjid MCYC on Big Horn Blvd Elk Grove

12) Masjid MCF on S Lexington Dr Folsom

13) Sacramento Islamic Resource Center on Marconi Avenue

14) Mutual Assistance Organization on Marconi Avenue (on wait list as of  4/13/2020)