Good Neighbor Outreach Program

Purpose Of Good Neighbor Outreach Program

  • Participate in community-at-large projects that help the poor under non-food assistance circumstances. This program is the one and only monetary disbursement program benefiting our recipients (non-commercial, public charities under 501c3 category)
  • Funding is to be no less than $500.00 per fiscal year (January through December period) and must not exceed $1,000.00 to one or more nonprofits 501c3 entities based (regional branch or national headquarters) in the state of California, USA
  • Funding is set aside from Expense Account revenues
  • Funding shall occur at any given time in a fiscal year pending healthy balances in Expense Account
  • Funding shall not occur at any given time of a fiscal year should Expense Account is insufficient or is in red
  • Nonprofits chosen to benefit from Good Neighbor Outreach Program must be USA-based organizations even if they may have been globally recognized–:

i. The following are the 501c3 nonprofits we are aiding :– Habitat For Humanity USA, Shifa Clinic in Sacramento California, American Red Cross Northern California, Islamic Relief Northwest Region Chapter

ii. 2016 Recipient of $1,000.00 is Habitat For Humanity specifically for its Build For Unity Project. 2017 Recipient of $1,000.00 is Islamic Relief USA specifically for its Oroville Dam Flooding Distaster Assistance Reachout. 2018 Recipient of $1,000.00 is American Red  Cross specifically for its recovery efforts in Napa-Sonoma-Santa Rosa forest fires

These three NPOs will not receive more monetary aids until others on the current list of Good Neighbor Outreach Program get their fair shares (projected in the next few fiscal years budget)

iii. Beneficiary nonprofit(s) have proven records of good standing with mission to help the poor, the underprivileged and/or the ones affected by natural disasters

iiii. Beneficiary nonprofits activities shall not be politically-related, or commercially-driven, or use as vehicles for any propagandas, or be involved or be supportive of any act of terrorism, or has headquarters offshore (foreign lands outside of USA and its territories)